Shipping from China to the US, what you need to know

Shipping from China to the US, what you need to know

We have repeatedly told what to pay attention to when ordering goods from China to Ukraine or vice versa. But let's change direction. We have prepared 5 important tips for Ukrainians who are currently in the USA and want to start their commodity or any other business there, which consists in cooperation with China.
1. Choose a reliable transport provider
Obviously, but a fact. Of course, the company should deliver not only in the USA, but also around the world and have a sufficient number of cases and experience in this direction. Finding reliable logisticians will help: reviews, information about the company, checking licenses and permits for international trade or transportation of goods.

2. Consider the optimal delivery method for you.
There are 2 ways to deliver from China to the USA: by air and by sea. It is important that you choose the delivery method based on the weight, volume of goods, terms and budget. The most expensive and fastest, as everywhere, will be an airplane. Sea shipping will be cheaper, but you have to wait 40+ days.

3. Customs.
A customs broker cannot be dispensed with here, since there are many customs rules and considerable amounts of tax are charged when delivering goods from China to the USA. It is the customs broker who will help to understand the invoice, requirements, rules and correctly issue the customs documents. Also, if you ship goods from China to the US, they are subject to customs duties and other charges.

4. Packaging.
It is very important to make sure that your goods in China will be packed well and safely for their long journey. If you are not physically in China, it is better to hire turnkey transportation. This service includes not only the search and processing of all documentation for the product, but also the control of packaging, guarantees and timely delivery.

5. These documents must be available:
export license, invoice, bill of lading, certificate of origin, promissory note, insurance certificate, purchase order or letter of credit, customs bond, customs entry documents. Remembering point 3, you cannot do without a customs broker. Because one of the most common problems is the Chinese export license. Quite often, small suppliers refuse to provide it in order to avoid additional costs. And this problem can be solved by a broker.

In general, don't waste time solving these issues.
We will take on all tasks. Contact us if you are planning to deliver goods or cargo from China to the USA and we will arrange everything even on short notice.
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