TOP 5 tech products from China that your customers will love

TOP 5 tech products from China that your customers will love
Equipment from China is one of the most popular and sought-after market segments. Chinese manufacturers quickly respond to changes in consumer needs and release new models of devices that meet modern trends. In this article, I talk about five trendy electronic products that will be a great addition to your store's assortment.

Smart speakers

Smart speakers are portable speaker systems that can connect to various devices using Wi-Fi or Bluetooth and perform user voice commands. Portable speakers from China compete with counterparts from other countries in terms of quality, functionality and price. They have their strengths:

  • a large selection of models for different needs and tastes;
  • low price with high quality;
  • compatibility with popular voice assistants;
  • innovative features and design.
Smart speakers are used for listening to music, podcasts, radio, audiobooks, as well as for receiving information, controlling a smart home, making calls, etc.
Some speakers have their own voice assistants, others support Google Assistant, Alexa, Siri, etc

Wireless headphones from China

Many have already appreciated how convenient wireless headphones are: no wires that constantly get tangled, break or get in the way. Therefore, this product is now very popular. In addition, Chinese headphones are much cheaper than headphones from the world's leading manufacturers and can safely compete with counterparts from other countries.

Importantly. Before ordering the equipment of a certain manufacturer, you need to find out from the broker whether the transportation of goods of this or that brand is allowed.
In China, there is a large selection of models of wireless headphones of different brands, price categories and functional capabilities

Wireless video surveillance cameras

An increase in the number of thefts and the need to monitor the environment has led to an increase in the demand for video surveillance. Wireless cameras have become effective tools for home, business and public security. They are easy to install and configure. As a result, your customer can view video from the camera in real time or recording mode on their smartphone, tablet or computer.
It is especially convenient for users to receive instant notifications on the phone about movement, sound or other events recorded by the camera

Smart watches from China

Chinese smart watches are very popular among consumers. Athletes and active people buy them to track their physical activity. Technologically oriented individuals see an innovative gadget in these watches. Integration with voice assistants, the ability to receive calls, reply to messages, support for various applications make them indispensable assistants in everyday life. Parents also buy such watches to track the location of children (especially for elementary school children).
In China, there is a wide selection of smart watch models of different brands, price categories and functional capabilities

Робот-мийник вікон

Робот для миття вікон — незамінна річ для тих, хто живе на верхніх поверхах, боїться висоти або просто не хоче витрачати свій час на нудне прибирання. Це простий і зручний у використанні пристрій для миття вікон з дистанційним керуванням, який не залишає по собі розводів та тихо працює. Існують моделі як для домашнього, так і для комерційного використання. До речі, крім вікон їх ще можна застосовувати для миття стін, покритих плиткою, у ванній кімнаті.
A safety cord attached to the robot prevents the device from falling from a height

The modern market of equipment from China offers an incredible selection of innovative products that your customers will definitely need. If you are interested in expanding the assortment or plan to order goods from China, contact DiFreight. Our experts will help you choose a quality product, according to your needs and budget, and arrange fast and reliable delivery directly to the warehouse.
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