Peculiarities of transportation of groupage cargo from Ukraine to Great Britain

Peculiarities of transportation of groupage cargo from Ukraine to Great Britain
LTL (Less Truck Load) transportation is a groupage service that allows you to efficiently and profitably organize the transportation of several cargoes from different consignors in one vehicle. In this article, we will consider the features of LTL delivery between Ukraine and England.

What is included in the organization of transportation of groupage cargo Ukraine — England

The DiFreight company has considerable experience in the organization of groupage delivery, so the whole process is already adjusted to the smallest detail. We will tell you how such transportation takes place.

1. Consolidation of small shipments.
Cargo from different senders is collected in special warehouses. There we group them and upload them to one machine. This allows you to reduce the amount of empty space in vehicles, efficiently use cargo flows and reduce overall delivery costs.

2. Additional packaging.
For the safety and integrity of each shipment, we pack boxes into pallets. This helps to avoid additional manipulations with the box, preserve the original packaging, protect the cargo from damage during transportation and place it compactly in the car.

3. Cargo marking.
Allows you to clearly identify each package and track its movement throughout the delivery process. Specifying the characteristics of the cargo (weight, size, dangerousness, temperature restrictions, etc.) helps to store and transport the goods in appropriate conditions.
The pallet service of collective shipments from the DiFreight company allows you to consolidate pallets weighing from 1 ton into one car

4. Customs clearance.
We provide a full range of customs clearance services both in the country of dispatch and in the country of receipt. This allows clients to avoid the hassle of sending documents to different brokers. We take over the process and control all customs procedures. We issue a T1 transit declaration for all deliveries, which confirms the international status of the cargo and its transit through the countries of the European Union.

5. Delivery.
We deliver the cargo either to the final recipient in the UK or to Amazon's warehouse. The choice of the place of delivery depends on the requirements and needs of the client.

What are the advantages of cooperation with DiFreight

Clear delivery times. The terms depend on the load and the presence of queues at the border. The eQueue service allows us to plan logistics in advance, so the total transportation to the recipient takes up to 14 days.
The eCherga portal shows the approximate waiting time for crossing the border depending on the checkpoint

Comprehensive services for sending collective cargo.
Include cargo collection, customs clearance, customs clearance and deconsolidation of the consignment to the final recipient.

We offer a fixed rate for a year, which allows you to plan your business and be sure of price stability. You can reserve a place in cars in advance, the delivery of cargo is always carried out on time and without unnecessary obstacles.

We assume full responsibility for each stage of road transportation and your cargo as a whole. No cancellations after confirmation. You plan your business operations with peace of mind, because DiFreight is a reliable logistics company with fixed prices and clear commitments.

LTL transportation is the best way to deliver small cargo between Ukraine and Great Britain. However, the organization of such cargo transportation is accompanied by considerable trouble and time consumption. DiFreight will take care of all of this. We pride ourselves on our expertise and professionalism and guarantee you a quality and reliable delivery of goods to England.
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