Batteries, fuel banks, generators — profitable business in 2022-2023
Batteries, fuel banks, generators — profitable business in 2022-2023
Just imagine, in the period from 10 to 30 October, the demand for the purchase of generators increased by 11 times, compared to March 2022. Although at that time "epicenter" recorded record figures. After all, at the beginning of a full-scale war, these goods were necessary for our defenders at the level of the raations and forms.

Moreover, the generators and batteries are currently in deficit. People are looking for them on average from 7 days to 3 weeks. But those who find except joys get and difficulties because of problems with logistics. In today's article we will tell:

- How to buy generators in China?
- What should be prepared for transportation?
- How did the cancellation of customs affect the transportation of generators?

How to buy and prepare for transportation of electronic devices?

Since generators are not produced in Ukraine, we purchase them in China, the EU and Turkey. And though the rules of customs control for transportation have been weakened. And the Cabinet of Ministers has abolished taxes on the import of electric appliances, still there were difficulties with which the buyer will face.

For example:
You order dangerous cargo transportation and to provide a price, you need to have certain documents. First, the IABC. A form that contains information about the handling rules and different properties of the product you are transporting.

Second, certificates. You may ask for documents of "safe transportation" of a certain type of transport: Ships or planes. And all this has a strong impact on the delivery time of the goods and the number of your nervous cells, because the documentary rush does not love anybody.

"Well, and though some good news about the purchase and delivery of generators, do you share batteries with us?"

Of course! For example, now you will not have to pay for delivery of such cargo to the state. In early October, the cabinet of ministers abolished import taxes: Generators, batteries, fuel banks, transformers, electric motors, heaters, water heaters and other equipment important for heating season.

And the customs house made a simplified system of declaration for goods of all groups. Now only 1 declarations are required for transportation and you can do it yourself. And this means that the movement of queues on the border is accelerated. And you will be able to save money on the registration of documents.

Also, generators, batteries and everything that can power us with electricity are the most popular goods. This means that it is time to create a new business and work with this nisheh. Because people are ready to buy everything and almost any money to have comfortable conditions for winter life. This fact confirms the shop "Allot", during a month he increased the average check to 30.000 UAH, and sales increased by 82% due to such a oblast.

At the same time, if you think that this is still difficult for you direction, a good alternative is the fuel banks and accumulators from China. This market is easier to enter, and the demand for fuel banks was, is and will always be. You can purchase goods at favorable prices only in China, because in Ukraine the generators are sold already with a price. And we can find suppliers and buy products to save your time and speed up the receipt.

How to organize delivery safely and quickly?
This question we take on ourselves. Why do we cooperate with us?

- Deliveries from China come every week due to the correct system of logistics.
- From every shipment from China we return 2% of the amount for logistics.
- We have a service of redemption from China — we agree on favorable conditions of delivery, we will carry out inspection of quality and quantity of goods in China, we will stock and send in time.
- We inform you about the terms and movement of the cargo until it is in your personal office
- Documents, certificates and other papers are to be issued.

Therefore, if you are interested in the development of such business and are looking for reliable carriers, we will become your partners with pleasure. To contact us, write us in any convenient messenger and wait for the manager's answers within 15 minutes.

We wish you a good day and prepare a new, useful material this week.

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