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Commission for the redemption service
*The service does not include an inspection
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What do
We calculate the preliminary cost of delivery
We buy back existing goods
We accept cargo in the warehouse
We send goods to Ukraine
We carry out customs clearance of cargo
We deliver your cargo
(shipping by sea and air)
we do
You choose products in the online store
Fill in the redemption table
Waiting for delivery in the stipulated time
you doing
What are
All communication with the buyer and manager in one place
Зробити викуп
Conveniently fill out the table in our Telegram bot
You are a new customer and working first month with us
For the second month of work with redemptions
From the third month and further cooperation
*We deliver the parcel to you directly from the supplier in the form in which it arrived
from the cost of the product
from the cost of the product
from the cost of the product
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