Foreclosure in China 2.5% of the value of the goods
The DiFreight 1688 division specializes in the purchase of goods from Taobao and 1688. It acts as an intermediary for the delivery of orders and goods from China: from the time you leave an application for the supply of products on our website to the moment you receive the finished order in Ukraine.
The cost of product inspection with a visit to the supplier's factory or warehouse is $200. Detailed warehouse inspection - $30 per hour.

Product inspection

Our specialists will verify the availability of the necessary goods from your order with the supplier. We will organize the purchase and packaging of goods in China and subsequent delivery to Ukraine. If you need complex delivery of goods to order, you need an intermediary 1688 / Taobao, and at the same time you do not want to risk or overpay - leave a request and we will contact you.
We act as a guarantor of receiving goods in full when buying from Taobao.
We act as a guarantor of receiving goods in full when redeeming from 1688.

Purchase of goods 1688

Redemption of Taobao products

The promotion is valid until April 30 for all new DiFreight customers

Stages of placing an order
You get access to the interactive table (several people can work at the same time, everything is online), the buyer and your manager also have access to this table.
  • You fill in the table, we check the availability of the product and inform you of the cost of your order
  • After the final check and all clarifications, you mark which product you need to buy
  • Amounts are automatically calculated, and you know the cost of the order. After payment, our team buys the goods
  • We check for compliance and send the goods to Ukraine by the method chosen by you. We provide the track number for tracking
Ways of cargo delivery
Викуп товарів в Китаї
Перевізник з Китаю
Your carrier
The address and instructions can be entered in the table after the goods have been shipped by the supplier. We give you the Chinese logistics number.
Our carrier
We provide our own carrier. The cost of delivery for your convenience is included in the work table.

Tariffs for redemption services

The redemption fee depends on your annual turnover. It is calculated dynamically on a month-by-month basis.
The wholesale guru
Commission from turnover
from $40,000 per month
Дізнатися більше
Commission from turnover
меньш ніж $20 000 на місяць
Дізнатися більше
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