Top 5 myths about business with China: what you need to know
Top 5 myths about business with China: what you need to know
China attracts businessmen with its large production capacity and low prices. However, doing business with China is surrounded by a number of myths that can distort reality and hinder effective and profitable cooperation. Today we will review and analyze the most common ones.

Myth 1. All goods from China are cheap and made of low-quality raw materials

Thanks to cheap production, you can get goods of any quality and at almost any price in China. But it's a mistake to think that all products are cheap just because they have a "made in China" label.

While there are indeed budget products in China, the country is also known for producing high-quality and technologically advanced products. Many global brands manufacture their products in China using modern technology.

It is important to choose suppliers carefully and control the quality of goods when importing from any country, including China.

Myth 2. All Chinese products are of low quality

The irony is that we use high-quality popular goods from China every day. Many Chinese factories make efforts to meet the standards of their products in terms of color, materials, shape, and performance requirements.

The key to success is to find a reliable supplier from China that adheres to international quality standards. DiFreight can help you find and vet a supplier in China.
Supplier verification is one of the stages of working in the international market

Myth 3. All Chinese people understand English

Business communication is always difficult, especially if some of the details of the discussion are lost in translation. Although English is indeed gaining popularity in China, especially among young people and in the business community, it cannot be said that all Chinese are fluent in it. In many regions of China, especially outside of major cities and business centers, English remains little known.

Therefore, it is important for businesses to know the local language or use an interpreter to avoid misunderstandings in their interactions. If necessary, DiFreight provides its customers with support in negotiations with Chinese partners.
DiFreight staff can help you negotiate with Chinese suppliers

Myth 4. All Chinese product sites are the same

The Chinese online marketplace shows a wide variety of websites that offer a wide range of goods and services. These sites differ in design, functionality, target audience, and specialization.

From large, multi-functional platforms like Alibaba and Taobao that offer a variety of products for all kinds of consumers to specialized niche sites, each has its own unique identity and business model.

DiFreight conducts thorough research on sellers in China, including verification of credentials, reputation, and track record. Our professional connections will help you reach the right markets and order goods from China profitably.

Myth 5. Delivery from China takes a long time

Delivery from China to Ukraine can take from several weeks to two months depending on the logistics. Your parcel can take a month or more to get to Ukraine by sea, while an order from China will be here by air in a few days.

DiFreight has been organizing international logistics since 2020. We know how to order goods from China as quickly, profitably and on time as possible.
The Chinese market is growing every year. So don't trust the myths, believe the facts and use the huge potential of imports from China to develop your business. If you need advice on organizing a supply chain from China to Ukraine, please contact our managers.
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