All about the certificate of conformity for imported products

All about the certificate of conformity for imported products
How can you assure customers that you are supplying imported products that are of good quality and safe? Should I get a permit for unhindered sale of imported goods in Ukraine? There is a product certification procedure for this. Today we will tell you about the certificate of conformity, its features and why it is needed.

What is a certificate of conformity?

A certificate of conformity is an official document issued by a competent organization that confirms that a certain product meets established standards, technical requirements or regulations. This certificate indicates that the product to which it is issued has undergone a special inspection and evaluation procedure to ensure compliance with established quality, safety, environmental standards or other criteria.
Зразок сертифіката Sample certificate of conformity

According to the Law of Ukraine "On Technical Regulations and Conformity Assessments" VVR, 2015, No. 14, any manufactured or imported product that enters the territory of Ukraine must comply with specific technical regulations.

How to obtain a product certificate

Stage 1. Submission of an application to the relevant accredited certification body in Ukraine.

In addition, the following documents must be submitted:
  • invoice or invoice;
  • information about the product (technical characteristics, description, scope of application, instructions for use, product passport (if available);
  • it is recommended to provide confirmation of product quality (certificate of quality or origin);
  • certificate of registration of the applicant, TIN.

Stage 2. Laboratory inspection and testing of products to determine their characteristics.
After the inspection, the results are evaluated and a decision is made to issue a certificate.

Stage 3. Issuance of a certificate of conformity.
Together with the issuance of the certificate, you are given the right to mark the products with a special mark of conformity.
National sign of compliance with technological regulations

Why do you need a certificate of conformity for products?

Obtaining a certificate of conformity for imported products has a number of advantages for importers of goods from China or other countries.

Quality and safety. The certificate confirms that the imported products meet the established quality and safety standards. Consumers and partners of international operations are confident that they receive reliable and safe goods.

Compliance with local regulations. In many countries, there are regulatory requirements and standards that imported goods must meet. The certificate certifies that the product meets these requirements.

Customs clearance. The presence of a certificate of conformity is necessary for customs clearance of goods.

Fulfillment of mandatory requirements. Some products, especially those related to health, safety or the environment, may be subject to mandatory certification.

In general, the certificate of conformity helps to reduce business risks, increase the trust of consumers and partners, and also helps to fulfill local and international requirements. If you import goods from China or other countries, contact DiFreight. We will help you organize the delivery and complete all the necessary documents.
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