Opening of a new DiFreight warehouse in China: improving the quality of customer service

Opening of a new DiFreight warehouse in China: improving the quality of customer service
The DiFreight company does not stand still and is constantly looking for ways to optimize logistics processes and improve the quality of customer service. That is why we opened a new warehouse in China, in the city of Foshan. Today we tell you more about the new lineup.

What warehouse services do we offer you?

Inspection of goods during detailed purchase. This includes checking that the product name, quantity, dimensions (alphanumeric values only) and color match, but not shade. At the same time, at each stage of such an inspection, we send you one photo of the product selected at random from the box.

If during the inspection of the product we detect a deviation in quality - at your request, we issue a return to the supplier for replacement or reimbursement of the cost.

The initial cost of such a service for new customers is 5% of the cost of the product. In the future, the price will be 7% and 10%.

A separate detailed inspection of the product. You can order a detailed product inspection directly from our warehouse in China as a separate additional service. The cost of this is $2 per box (up to 30 kg). At the same time, we check compliance and send you 2-3 photos of the product from different angles.
Photo report. An additional service that includes 2-3 photos of the product from different angles with and without packaging.

The cost of a photo report: $1.50 per box (up to 30 kg).

Cargo packing. Proper packaging of the product ensures its integrity during transportation.
The following packaging materials are available in our warehouse:
- cardboard boxes of various sizes;
- bubble wrap;
- polyethylene bags (light packaging).

Importantly. If the product arrives at the warehouse in damaged or unusable packaging, we will be forced to repackage it to preserve the integrity of the cargo. In this case, the cost of packaging will be included in the bill for transporting the goods.
If the package arrived at the warehouse in a high-quality box that is suitable for international transportation and fully meets all the requirements for safe delivery, no additional packaging is required.

Advantages for customers from having their own warehouse in China

Quality inspection of cargo. We check all shipments upon arrival at the warehouse and immediately provide you with information on the condition of the goods. We are constantly in touch with the warehouse, so we quickly find an answer to any of your questions or clarifications regarding the condition of the cargo.

Security. We fully control all the goods in the warehouse, so we are sure of their preservation and safety.

Operativeness. The warehouse area is 1000 m2, it allows us to process more than 10 containers per month. This means we avoid shipping delays and stick to our regular shipping schedule.

We talk in more detail about how everything is arranged in our warehouse in the video:

Constant development and modernization is the main principle of the DiFreight company. Opening a new warehouse in China is our step towards meeting your needs. Now your purchases will be even more secure, and the process of ordering Chinese goods will be as comfortable and transparent as possible. Contact DiFreight — and your goods will always be in safe hands.
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