Production inspection in China: what it is and the main stages of inspection
Production inspection in China: what it is and the main stages of inspection
For successful business development and to make sure that you offer your customers goods of the right quality, it is important to choose a reliable manufacturer, especially when it comes to cooperation with foreign partners. From Ukraine, it is difficult to check the reliability of a manufacturer in China, because it requires not only knowledge of the local market but also the ability to personally visit the production facilities. In this case, a production inspection in China will come in handy.

What is a production inspection?

A production inspection is a detailed process of evaluating and verifying a company and its production facilities, procedures, and the final quality of the manufacturer's goods. The inspection ensures a high level of transparency and trust between Ukrainian entrepreneurs and their Chinese partners, and helps to reduce the risks associated with product quality and compliance with commercial terms.

When an inspection is required:

  • you have found a manufacturer, but you are not sure of its integrity or have not seen the workshop;
  • you need to check the quality of materials and components before assembling the goods;
  • to make sure that the production is in compliance with legal and environmental requirements;
  • you are planning to place a large order of goods from China, so you need to check the production
  • capacity to avoid the risks of delays and deliveries;
  • you need to make test samples and observe the production process;
  • you need to check the quality policy at the enterprise.
The inspector provides a comprehensive review of production facilities and procedures in order to reduce risks and ensure high quality products for Ukrainian entrepreneurs.

The main stages of production inspection in China

The inspector is responsible for checking the actual state of production facilities, assessing the compliance of equipment and technologies with the declared standards, as well as for checking the manufacturer's documentation and certificates.
Inspection of warehouses is one of the stages of production inspection

The main stages of the audit

  • Study of the company's structure, interaction between production facilities, warehouses and offices.
  • Assessment of the availability of an internal quality control department and the percentage of products subject to inspection.
  • Verification of the manager's competence, understanding of production technologies and ability to quickly resolve technical issues and problems.
  • Checking the availability and condition of production equipment, its age and performance. Pay special attention to the quality of components, especially in electronics, to avoid systemic defects.
  • Assessment of the stability of raw material supplies and the impact on the quality of finished products from China.
  • Checking the availability of the necessary licenses and certificates. The absence of documents from the manufacturer may lead to problems with customs clearance of your cargo.
  • Checking the availability and condition of warehouses, assessing their area and storage conditions.

    As a result of such an inspection, the customer receives a detailed report containing all the information collected, photographs, copies of documents, and other important data that allow them to evaluate the manufacturer before concluding a deal. This provides entrepreneurs with an additional level of confidence in their choice and helps to avoid possible problems with the quality and delivery of goods from China in bulk.

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