Difreight Blog Business with China: services from DiFreight for successful trade

Business with China: services from DiFreight for successful trade

Business with China: services from DiFreight for successful trade

Doing business with China is fraught with many difficulties: language barriers, cultural differences, and the complexity of Chinese law. We offer a turnkey business with China service: we take care of everything.

DiFreight will provide a full range of services in the field of export and import activities, from searching for goods to delivering them to your warehouse.

Services from DiFreight

To make the product competitive in the market and profitable for you, our company conducts:

  • search for goods and suppliers;
  • support in negotiations;
  • on-site inspection;
  • purchase of goods;
  • warehouse services;
  • logistics services

Let's take a closer look at each of the services.

Search for goods and suppliers

Search for goods and suppliers - DiFreight

The wholesale market is huge, so it will be difficult for any company to navigate the selection of a reliable partner and organize logistics with all the nuances of product delivery. DiFreight specialists will select the goods, request the delivery of test samples, negotiate, check the reputation, and negotiate possible discounts and favorable terms of cooperation. As a result of the search, you receive a table with price offers, main characteristics and conditions from the supplier, with data on all dialogues with each of them.

Support in negotiations

We provide qualified assistance in communicating with Chinese suppliers. You don't have to hire translators and personally visit factories and plants that manufacture a particular type of product. The company has a representative office in China, so sourcing and delivery negotiations can be done on the spot.

Buyback service

Buyback service - DiFreight

This service will help you avoid organizational hassles and unnecessary stress when transporting goods from China. With Difreight, you win as a buyer and get the opportunity to make profitable sales as a businessman. Working with Difreight, you don't need to know the language to buy the goods you want. The communication process is well established, and orders are processed quickly and correctly. We will calculate the preliminary cost of delivery, buy the available goods and send them to Ukraine. We will also carry out customs clearance and deliver the goods to your warehouse.

On-site inspection

It is not always the case that a supplier fulfills part of the agreement in good faith. Even serious companies can produce a defective batch of goods. It also happens that the supplier packs a smaller number of items. If problems are discovered after delivery to the final destination, financial and time problems cannot be avoided. The best way to prevent such risks is to pre-check the quality of the shipment in China.

DiFreight inspectors conduct an impartial inspection and are always ready to defend the interests of the client. You will receive a detailed report, as well as photo and video recording. If the products do not meet the quality requirements, you can return the money, get a discount and find another supplier or request a new batch that will meet the agreed quality requirements.

Warehouse services

Warehouse services - DiFreight

Warehousing is an important intermediate step in the international delivery process from China. It makes it possible to check the order, consolidate it, supplement or replace the packaging. We offer to optimize the handling of large consignments, bypassing the storage process, with the help of a cross-docking service. This system is optimal for wholesalers, importers, and companies that need international shipping by sea. And to optimize the costs of renting warehouse space, communications, and personnel, use our fulfillment service.

Benefits of working with DiFreight

Benefits of working with DiFreight - DiFreight


DiFreight employs only high-class specialists with extensive experience in their chosen field. We find goods for you at the lowest prices and in the shortest possible time. You save up to 30% of your budget and 100% of your time. We check all suppliers included in the search report. And if the product you requested is not found, we refund your money.

You don't want to risk your capital, you don't have the experience and time to search for a manufacturer in China - entrust it to our company. By contacting DiFreight, you will receive full legal support, control of production and delivery of goods. You will be professionally served by our managers who are well versed in the intricacies of doing business in China. Contact us.

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