Difreight Blog How to save 13% on efficient logistics

How to save 13% on efficient logistics

How to save 13% on efficient logistics

On the eve of the New Year holidays, we conducted a survey among our customers to create this article for you. Namely, they were asked how they chose a logistics company to delegate issues of cargo transportation in Ukraine, Europe and America. And then we collected 4 convincing answers that will help you not only save money, but also learn:

  • what to ask logistics partners about;
  • what to pay attention to when concluding a contract;
  • what mistakes should be avoided;
  • how to save in the end.

If you are an entrepreneur or already an experienced businessman and plan to build a financially successful and customer-oriented business thanks to accurate logistics, this material is for you.

What to ask transport partners?

  1. Do you have individual conditions for requests?
  2. What are the maximum delivery times and will there be compensation in case of delays?
  3. Can you guarantee on-time delivery?

We will not be responsible for all of them, since not everyone can maintain such a high level of service (and this is not a trick or a trick). And we will say for ourselves:

  1. Yes, after the client contacts us, we develop an individual plan, prescribe unique terms of the contract and plan the route of your cargo in the fastest ways. Moreover, you will be accompanied at all stages of cooperation by a personal manager for peace of mind and confidence.
  2. The maximum delivery terms are given after discussing the terms of cooperation and determining the type, route, and complexity of cargo transportation. Issues of compensation are also prescribed in the contract before the start of cooperation.
  3. We will do everything necessary to meet the deadlines if this is sea delivery of goods. Usually, customs clearance takes 1-2 days. But sometimes there are cases when the customs authorities conduct an inspection of the cargo, which can delay the customs clearance process. With the transportation by sea itself, it is a little more complicated. We can choose the shortest route, choose "direct service" (the container will not be transshipped from ship to ship in transshipment ports), but even this does not guarantee the promised transit time.

What to pay attention to when concluding a contract?

On the experience and reputation of the company. You should not entrust the cargo to intermediaries who do not have a full-fledged service, but simply drive trucks around Europe. Since they have higher rates, and you have more risks. After all, it is unlikely that such offices provide a guarantee, take responsibility and create safe conditions for the transportation of goods.

It will also be your advantage if future logistics partners have an ISO certificate. He is the guarantor that the company complies with all international requirements and provides guarantees for various terms of the contract. Therefore, do not choose those who have "cheap and fast". Choose those who have "quality, reliability, with 24/7 support".

What should your logistics partner take care of?

About saving as much money as possible. And they closed all transportation issues in one company, instead of turning to individual specialists or services. After all, if you do everything yourself, you can come across charlatans and irresponsible ones and, as a result, overpay twice.

So that there were no such regrets and all the client did was call and say: "I want to send the cargo" - we have managers. They are the ones who will advise you on all questions regarding transportation. And in the future, they will deal with the determination of parameters, the preparation of transport documents and other processes. All you have to do is contact us.

Who should do the design?

If the company is an intermediary and not an official carrier, then all the paperwork will be on you. And if the logisticians are a brand with an extremely high level of service, then they will take care of all the issues. Thus, you will be able to determine the level of service at other stages of transportation.

Cooperating with us, you will save not only 13%, because we currently have the most favorable tariffs for transportation to any country. But you will also receive impeccable service, clearly defined guarantees and terms of cooperation, and successful transportation of your cargo within the specified time.

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