Difreight Blog TOP 5 tips from a Difreight buyer

TOP 5 tips from a Difreight buyer

TOP 5 tips from a Difreight buyer

Hello, this is Volodymyr, an employee of the Difreight company, who purchases and helps you communicate with a supplier of goods from China to Ukraine. Today I want to talk about the low prices in the Asian market that we are all hunting for. After all, many beginners, seeing low prices for current products, rejoice and rush to buy everything. Why you should not do this, as well as what are the buyer's rules, I will tell you in the article.

Check everything and everyone

When ordering goods for 1688, you need to submit an application and there is a moment. In most cases, suppliers underprice the product, but in reality:

  1. When we see a product with a low price, there is no need to immediately rejoice, when buying, the price may be higher, it is simply taken into account in the delivery. In most cases, suppliers set an underpriced product. This is just a marketing ploy, not an undervalued price, because the product, for example, is out of season. Therefore, be careful and choose manufacturers, not resale.
  2. When ordering 1688, you submit a request, in some cases, the supplier must replace the actual price and delivery data. If you pay immediately after applying, you can overpay much more, so settle this moment. And even better, delegate this issue to Ukrainians who work in China and help with transportation issues. You can also easily use such services of our company as: on-site inspection in China and search for supplier in China.

Buy through marketplaces or from proven manufacturers

Why? Because the prices are lower, because it is more reliable. If you are starting to do business with China for the first time and you simply do not have contacts of reliable suppliers, there are 3 options for action. Look for production and goods on your own and most likely get burned because of people's dishonesty. The second option is to communicate with experienced businessmen and with their help start the journey of a newbie in the trade. The third option is to delegate to us. We will find the necessary product in China, check it and help transport it to Ukraine as soon as possible, as we have delivery of goods from China to Ukraine.

Discuss the model, color, configuration of goods

We remind you that the product's relevance in different seasons depends on the product's model and color. Let's give a simple example, a black skirt sells much worse in summer than a red one. And this is important to understand in order not just to buy popular things, but to sell them successfully. Regarding the issue of configuration, it is a process that allows you to know how much product is in stock, whether there will be more, how to plan its sales, and so on. Therefore, it is worth finding out from the manufacturer whether it is planned to produce the product in the future, so that if there is a great demand, there will be an opportunity to buy it in a larger volume.

Remind about important moments for you

Unfortunately, most Chinese manufacturers are indifferent to customers. After all, you are the same product for them - they sell you what they produce. You bring in money for them. Therefore, in some cases, the quality of packaging, labeling or even product development may be lost with a large amount of work. That is why, if you started working with China or any other country, sign a cooperation agreement. But don't forget to remind them what is important to you and what they should pay attention to when selling the product to you.

There is no opportunity and knowledge to regulate all these processes? Do not worry. As I already said, our company closes all transportation processes — from searching and checking the condition of goods in warehouses, to transporting them to Ukraine. If you want to successfully and fearlessly start a commodity business, contact our manager and he will advise you for free. Before meeting!

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