Buying cannot be delegated: why buying with Difreight is better than buying on your own or buying with another company?

Buying cannot be delegated: why buying with Difreight is better than buying on your own or buying with another company?

Purchasing goods in China has recently become an increasingly profitable solution for both business and personal needs. The market is wide, there are many offers, the volumes are impressive. But the procurement process in most cases is accompanied by a number of complications. Often, before coming to Difreight, customers try to place orders on their own and "stuff the cones". Today I will talk about common difficulties that our clients faced before starting cooperation.
Delivery of goods from China Difreight
1. Language barrier

Every second acquaintance with future customers begins with a story about attempts to make independent purchases. And they end with the statement of a sad fact: own time has been spent, the supplier's time has been spent, there is no order. It is the impossibility of placing an order that prompts the search for an intermediary firm in China for fast delivery. When working with Difreight, you don't need to know the language to buy the desired goods: as a buyer for our company, I speak Chinese fluently, so we have no problems communicating with suppliers. The communication process is well established, orders are processed quickly and correctly.

By the way, today in Ukraine there are no alternative companies where a professional buyer at the medium level knows both the language of the supplier and the language of the customer. If you know such a company, write to us.

Difreight has no barriers in the "supplier-customer" chain, and I'm honestly proud of that!

2. Inconsistency of the order

Unfortunately, every customer has received an order that did not meet expectations or specifications. Somewhere they did not understand with the seller, somewhere they looked at the description of the product, they got a "cat in the bag" and disappointment on top of that.

By trusting Difreight with your purchases, you save time, nerves, and energy. We communicate with verified suppliers independently and make no mistakes when placing an order.

Difreight is an understanding of the specifics of the market and all procurement processes, adherence to agreements, timely delivery of goods from China and pleasant price offers. For example, I am currently offering a 2.5% redemption for all new customers for a period of 3 months. Profitably? Certainly!

3. Delivery price is too high

By the way, about the price. How else can I suggest you save time and money? Form collective luggage! Consolidation of goods at Difreight is both a reduction in costs for the delivery of goods from China to Ukraine, and its acceleration due to faster shipping. Another, more global, advantage is efficient use of resources and reduction of carbon emissions. Consolidation of goods in one shipment allows to reduce the number of vehicles and reduce the negative impact on the environment.

4. Lack of order information

Where is the order? How to find out its status? We also solved this issue, because we have a clear understanding of where all the customers' goods are at this moment! Let me tell you: when the order leaves for you and travels through China, we provide instructions to the suppliers about the shipment and monitor its tracking. In addition, Difreight generates documentation for the broker and warehouse. You always know where your order is, so you can effectively plan your time and business processes.
Delivery tracking with Difreight
5. Low-quality goods

I hope you are among the lucky ones who are not aware of this problem. But the statistics are disappointing - some sellers do not provide complete information about cargo from China. The suppliers I work with make sure that the product purchased in China is 100% as advertised and arrives in the same condition as it was shipped. The cargo is insured from the moment we receive it from our warehouse in China until it arrives in Ukraine.

Difreight protects its own reputation, and we choose partners who share our philosophy.

To summarize: if you are looking for an intermediary for services for the complex delivery of goods to order from China, but you are worried about the quality of the product and the safety of delivery - rely on us! We work with sites 1688, Taobao, Pinduodu.

The "Goods redemption" service from the Difreight company will help you avoid organizational hassles and unnecessary stress when transporting goods from China. With Difreight, you stay in the bottom line as a buyer and gain the opportunity to make profitable sales as a businessman. And don't forget the 2.5% redemption for all new customers!
«Викуп товару» з компанією Difreight
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