Difreight Blog Independent purchase of goods in China, pitfalls

Independent purchase of goods in China, pitfalls

Independent purchase of goods in China, pitfalls

Self-purchasing goods from Chinese manufacturers and suppliers entails numerous nuances and risks. Cultural and language barriers are particularly critical factors. You cannot negotiate deals to your advantage if you do not know the Chinese language and the intricacies of the local mentality. The nuances and subtleties are countless. For an inexperienced businessman, they can potentially lead to financial ruin.

Experienced businessmen cite the following main dangers:

  • High likelihood of encountering fraudsters;
  • Suppliers often treat business dealings with foreigners unscrupulously due to cultural peculiarities of mentality;
  • Difficulty in conducting negotiations without knowledge of the Chinese language and the risk of complete failure;
  • Prices may be inflated, and prior agreements ignored;
  • "Surprises" at customs for "any client";
  • Delays in delivery times during trading with China are common.

And this is just a small part of the problems you may face.

Beware of Vulgar Chinese Fraudsters.

Encountering scammers can happen in any country in the world. Substantial sums circulate in the trade sphere, especially international trade. Therefore, there will always be actors who want to profit from your unpredictability and naivety. You negotiate, sign a contract, pay an advance or the full amount. And then an unforeseen event occurs. The supplier stops communicating with you, or may even disappear altogether. Eventually, it becomes impossible to find them. The factory or warehouse, equipment, and the goods themselves may be rented for a while, and the people simply hired.

Suppliers work unscrupulously, especially with foreigners.

This is already the mentality and imperial past of China. For its residents in ancient times, anyone who was not a citizen of the Celestial Empire was considered barbarians and were never considered equal people. Don't marry for cheapness. If you are lucky enough to find an honest supplier and have long years of trading relations, do not replace them with a pig in a poke. Instead of quality products, you may get a blatant betrayal. And with significant delays in delivery times.

Lack of knowledge of the Chinese language and cultural peculiarities and mentality.

An interpreter can simply deceive you, like the supplier. The contract in Chinese will have one amount, significantly less when translated into Russian. This creates an additional commission that the scammer will calmly put into their own pocket. You will never achieve the truth.

The delivery price may be higher than agreed.

This happens frequently. The agreed price is unbelievably low, but do not rush to rejoice and agree to everything. Do not rush to pay the amount under the contract. You may hear that it was an advance. If you do not pay a certain amount, you will be left without the goods and without money.

"Surprises" at customs for "any client".

"Transfers for a beloved client" is a common practice. Eastern traditions differ greatly from Western ones. It is important to take them into account. Otherwise, you can encounter serious problems already at customs. With the main goods specified in the supply contract, there may be surprises. A tea set, 1-2 kilograms of Chinese tea, toys, children's clothing, and much more. Be careful about what you bring to avoid complications, nerve costs, and unplanned financial losses due to undeclared goods.

Frequent delays in delivery times.

It is very easy for the Chinese to promise something, sometimes it is really difficult for them to say no, this applies to delivery times. There have been cases where Chinese suppliers have postponed the date of readiness of the cargo for more than 10 days, and then, when we start to understand, it turns out that the client's batch was shipped to another client.

Why is it safe and profitable to cooperate with DiFreight?

DiFreight employs experts with perfect knowledge of the Chinese language and culture of the country.

We can control the seller, check the documents, select a supplier with the highest rating, high sales, and good reviews. Our company has the opportunity to control the goods prepared for you, so purchasing in China will be much more reliable, faster, and more profitable.

By undertaking the obligation to purchase, we are responsible for the cargo and the quantity of goods.

What is needed for a purchase?

  1. Product link.
  2. Required quantity, configuration, additional clarifications (features, quality assessment).
  3. Payment.

It's time to entrust yourself to professionals! Choose a convenient way to contact us, and our experts will help you purchase goods quickly and safely.

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