Difreight Blog EUR 1 certificate: opening new markets for Ukrainian business

EUR 1 certificate: opening new markets for Ukrainian business

EUR 1 certificate: opening new markets for Ukrainian business

Free trade is precisely this opportunity opened up by the union of Ukraine and the EU, which took place in 2017. From that moment, Europe and Ukraine began to cooperate economically, and Ukrainian rules and regulations were harmonized with EU norms. Could Ukrainian entrepreneurs work in the EU without concluding this agreement? Could. How and why then the agreement? We tell in the article.

Certificate EUR 1

The main advantage of the agreed law is the reduction or complete removal of customs duties and normal tariffs on some part of the goods. At the same time, not everyone can use this, but only the owners of the EUR 1 certificate, which confirms that the purchased goods were manufactured in Europe or Ukraine. Also, the features of this document include:

  • it gives the right to carry out customs clearance of cargo; - reduces the cost of goods for the recipient;
  • it can be obtained for free, if you have enough strength and nerves. Because receiving EUR 1 for the first time is like reading Stephen King for the first time
  • nothing is clear, but very interesting. In our case, it is interesting how many legal executors should be contacted and how to correctly issue and appeal the refusal in case of refusal.

But, if you are ready for the test, then in order to clear EUR 1 at customs for free, you need to prepare a package of documents:

  1. a written or electronic statement that you have a declaration from exporters;
  2. a declaration from the manufacturer, which has a preferential status of origin;
  3. an electronic copy of the certificate, filled in according to the requirements of the form.

Please note that the declaration must be personally signed by the manufacturer, if it is in paper form. If it is electronic, no signature is required. Also, it is worth knowing about other registration conditions, for example:

  • it is issued only for 1 batch of exported goods; - issued by a customs official upon export;
  • after registration of subsequent deliveries, you do not need to submit a declaration if you submitted a long-term declaration for the first shipment;
  • it is very important to indicate the number and date of the export declaration issued for the specified batch of goods.

The main advantages of receiving

You can get a certificate in 8 hours, and most importantly - for free. Of course, if all the documents are in order and in your hands. But even these advantages do not cover the fact that some pieces of paper and declarations will still need to be collected, which means that paperwork cannot be prevented. You may also be disappointed in the fact that you will be denied a certificate for various reasons. Accordingly, it will be possible to find out if you received a certificate or if you were refused through a legal representative or by mail to the address you specified when completing the documents.

I was refused, what should I do?

They refuse, as a rule, for 2 reasons: the blank form was ordered incorrectly, or the certificate was filled out in violation of customs requirements. In case of refusal, you can appeal the decision in the administrative district court. But do you need it? We think not.

Therefore, we suggest contacting us. Our brokers deal with the registration of the EUR 1 certificate and will do everything in 5-10 days. You can also get a range of services: customs clearance, obtaining certificates, issuing declarations, transporting goods by any mode of transport.

Do not waste your time on paper, do business. And we will take care and take responsibility for logistics.

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