Difreight Blog Why Buying from DiFreight is Beneficial?

Why Buying from DiFreight is Beneficial?

Why Buying from DiFreight is Beneficial?

A Little Background:

The rapid development of Chinese industry and its readiness to flood the world's stores with consumer goods could not go unnoticed by enterprising individuals. As a result, entrepreneurs began actively purchasing various goods from Chinese manufacturers to sell them in their own countries and profit from the price difference.

Great Business Prospects with China

With successful large-scale purchases of products from Chinese suppliers, well-organized delivery, and customs clearance, markups can reach 100 percent or more. If an entrepreneur can optimize the number of people dealing with Chinese manufacturers of mass-market goods, they can firmly establish themselves in the market.

Now to the Scary Part,

High Probability of Dealing with Scammers

It's no wonder that a vigorous influx of money from various countries flooded into the Chinese market, leading to further development of the manufacturing sector in China. Today, the country can meet the needs of any goods, from sophisticated computers to toys for young children.

However, as expected, the frenzy surrounding Chinese manufacturers brought hundreds and thousands of scammers into the market. There have been scandals surrounding companies like Sino-Forest, which portrayed themselves as one of the leading commercial operators of forest plantations in China but turned out to be a multibillion-dollar fraudulent scheme.

As in any other country, China has many people eager to make easy money and then disappear with it beyond the horizon. Taking advantage of the huge cultural differences, mentality, business conduct, dishonest entrepreneurs skillfully deceive trusting Europeans.

Dozens and hundreds of people may be involved in these fraudulent schemes, including:

  • Translators who deliberately distort the information written in hieroglyphics about the quality of the goods, their cost, volumes, and delivery times;
  • Logistic companies that unreasonably inflate the cost of transporting batches of goods across China and delivering them by sea or air to the country specified by the customer;
  • Business community representatives who create one-day companies out of thin air, hiring extras to depict bustling activity "at the plant" during visits by their European partners, renting old workshops of abandoned enterprises for this purpose;
  • Transport companies and customs brokers who always have a stone ready to throw in the form of unexpected increases in service costs, fines for deliberately fabricated violations;
  • Lawyers ready to defend the interests of unscrupulous companies that hired them for years and shift all blame for the failed deal and the bankruptcy of the European partner onto him.

And Yet Another Scary Thing,

Even an experienced wholesale purchaser lucky enough to meet an honest and responsible Chinese supplier of consumer goods is likely to be unpleasantly surprised by a whole range of nuances. Their deal may be overshadowed by the following moments:

  • Breaking previously agreed and fixed delivery terms;
  • Sending the ordered and paid batch of goods to another buyer who suddenly offered a more favorable price;
  • Bureaucratic hurdles in the customs clearance of goods;
  • Attachments of Chinese supervisory and regulatory authorities to the correctness of the documents accompanying the cargo;
  • Difficulties in tracking the progress of cargo transportation;
  • Refusal of the Chinese partner to listen to claims about the marriage, incompleteness of the cargo, discrepancy of the actual packaging material specified in the contract.

But It's Not All Bad, Here Comes the Superheroes, the "Incredible Four of Difreight", Which Are Simply Necessary to Implement the Planned Goals:

1. Purchaser:

Ready to stop this development of events. We have accumulated vast experience in sourcing goods from China and have a number of cases and action algorithms, and if they are able to:

  • Skillfully identify disguised fraudulent schemes;
  • Identify among tens of thousands of suppliers enthusiasts to rewrite all agreements on the fly if such situations arise, we either radically eliminate them or go to another supplier;
  • Demand the most favorable terms in terms of price and product quality through negotiations at the level of Chinese-speaking parties in the negotiation;

2. Customs broker in China, his super abilities:

  • To quickly and qualitatively formalize cargo;
  • Check the seller's documents for problem areas, maintain proper communication;
  • effectively interact with the Chinese customs and logistics.

3. Logistician, his super abilities:

Fully responsible for the preservation and completeness of the cargo, its timely delivery, compliance with customs regulations and procedures. Pre-books a place in the container, rationally distributes cargo in the container. And also with the help of his keyboard can solve any problem on the way of your cargo.

Our company takes care of all the complexities associated with difficult communication with Chinese suppliers. Good knowledge of the Chinese language, understanding of the realities of Chinese business and business manners, constant monitoring of the commodity market will allow us to choose the supplier of the necessary products without errors or properly carry out the purchase from the seller chosen by you.

4. Manager, his super abilities:

A person who is always in touch forms agreements with all participants in the process, understands all the nuances of each stage of the product from the beginning of negotiations to delivery to your warehouse. His main superpower is to direct colleagues and constantly shows a service with an understanding of what he is selling you a happy future.

Want to work with reliable suppliers and get what you ordered? Contact us in any convenient way.

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