Difreight Blog Which Chinese Marketplaces are Best for Finding Goods

Which Chinese Marketplaces are Best for Finding Goods?

Which Chinese Marketplaces are Best for Finding Goods?

It is quite evident that trading with China promises significant financial prospects today. Simply establishing regular procurement of wholesale batches of goods on Chinese marketplaces, supplying them to the Ukrainian market, and then selling them wholesale or retail can yield substantial profits.

However, merely having the desire to initiate trading operations with China is not enough to actually earn on the Asian market. Like any other business endeavor, this ambitious and promising economic project should be approached with intelligence.

Gathering information about the trading partner

Competent and careful search for a manufacturer or supplier begins with a thorough examination of their official online resources in the World Wide Web. Often, Chinese manufacturers have their own websites, with information presented in both Chinese and English languages.

Based on the overall time of the website's existence, the quality of its design, the information provided about the company, its management, and contact details, initial correct conclusions can usually be made regarding the justification of cooperation with this supplier. Below is a list of the most reliable in terms of fulfilling procurement contracts and the most promising in terms of speculative profit from Chinese marketplaces.

Procurement from Trading Intermediaries

The online retail market, internet shop, and internet auction Taobao, which is the brainchild of the famous billionaire Jack Ma, is a marketplace with a wide range of goods in all popular price segments. On Taobao, you can purchase clothing, shoes, and household appliances. This platform is mainly oriented towards the domestic market.

Direct Purchases from Manufacturers

Another brainchild of Jack Ma, the B2B web portal Alibaba.com, provides its clients with the following opportunities:

  • Direct purchases from four million Chinese suppliers;
  • Registration as a seller or buyer;
  • Chat communication with trading partners from China and Europe;
  • Search for manufacturers of products in various countries;
  • Financial, informational, legal services, including issuing trade guarantees, payment deferment, tracking of shipped cargo, cost inquiry;
  • 24-hour customer support;
  • Participation in exhibitions;
  • Use of 140 currencies in trading operations;
  • Installation of a mobile application.

Wholesale-Retail Trade Deals

The large Chinese-language website m.1688.com is primarily a wholesale marketplace. It employs the concept of a minimum purchase volume, which is measured by either the number of purchased units of product or the amount spent on purchasing the product from one seller.

Sometimes, the supplier fulfills retail orders before delivering one unit of goods. In this case, its cost is usually significantly higher than within the wholesale batch.

Aliexpress is the international version of 1688, which is more comfortable for our buyer because the Chinese sales department on Aliexpress is oriented towards foreign consumers, thus providing full English-language support and all necessary conditions for comfortable purchases. Wholesale/retail - all included. You can also find the factory manufacturer. Often, the departments of the same manufacturer from 1688 and Ali are not related to each other at all.

Serious Guarantees of Supplier Integrity

Customers of the Tmall trading platform can rely on the fact that planned deals will be successful. The guarantee of such confidence is the fact that sellers on this marketplace are legal entities that collect documentary evidence of the reality of their company and brand.

Characteristics of the service on Tmall include:

  • Ability to purchase high-quality Chinese goods;
  • Availability of products from globally recognized brands;
  • Numerous reputable stores of electronics and household appliances;
  • Absence of products from the secondary market;
  • Transactions are carried out with authorized dealers.

Chinese Suppliers with Reliable Reputation

On the JD marketplace, conscientious Chinese manufacturers trade, among which there are many recognized market leaders. On this resource, you can purchase:

  • Men's and women's clothing;
  • Bags;
  • Toys;
  • Shoes;
  • Household goods;
  • Sporting goods;
  • Everything for leisure;
  • Garden tools.

JD has gained popularity in China as a supplier of quality home appliances. That is why

  • smartphones;
  • laptops;
  • TV panels;
  • tablets;
  • air conditioners, and fans are actively purchased on it.

This site supplies directly from manufacturers. It has a logistics service, so the goods are delivered to the customer without delay, and all products are 100% original. Therefore, prices on JD are usually higher.

Important! Pay attention to details, as even on 1688 it often happens that when adding the required quantity of goods to the cart, it automatically changes to more on the official page. Thus, due to carelessness, you can pay for unnecessary goods. Clarify all the necessary information and details that interest you with the supplier before payment, namely the availability and relevance of the price (mandatory), marking of boxes with goods and their quantity (for the receiving warehouse and faster shipment), as well as other points that interest you (manufacturing deadlines), individual characteristics, etc.

Why it's beneficial to cooperate with us?

Marketers, logisticians, lawyers, customs clearance specialists, procurement managers working in our company have accumulated solid experience in the Chinese consumer goods market. Our employees are proficient in the Chinese language and well acquainted with the features of Chinese culture.

The skills and knowledge acquired by our company's personnel allow us to:

  • Carefully monitor the seller's actions;
  • Request and check invoices from them;
  • Immediately stop doubtful and blatantly fraudulent schemes;
  • Find suppliers with the highest reliability rating for our clients;
  • Choose among potential partners those who have the best loading and supply arrangements, and whose customers leave positive feedback about them.

The competence we have achieved in working with Chinese suppliers and carriers allows us to constantly control the process of supplying goods. This is a guarantee that the purchase made with our help in China will go smoothly and without unpleasant surprises, and the goods will be delivered to the customer in full accordance with the paid nomenclature. If you entrust us with purchasing goods from a Chinese marketplace, we will take full responsibility for the preservation of the cargo, its completeness, and timely delivery.

Choose a convenient way to contact us, and our specialists will consult you and help you find and deliver the goods quickly and without risks.

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