Difreight News How to send a parcel to Europe: who needs it and what we offer

How to send a parcel to Europe: who needs it and what we offer

How to send a parcel to Europe: who needs it and what we offer

As of December 1, 14.5 citizens left Ukraine. And this means that international parcel centers received not only regular customers among Europeans. But also a large base of Ukrainian customers who pick up or send parcels to or from Ukraine every month. On the eve of the New Year holidays, the number of shipments to Europe increased almost 1.5 times. Because everyone wants to receive gifts from the Motherland and vice versa.

The question is different. Not all Ukrainians know how to save on shipping and who should be trusted with it. People go to postal services and overpay or lose their mail because of poor service. We decided to share our experience and talk about the features of shipments to Europe and offers for our customers.

What you need to know about sending to Europe by postal services

They get lost, break, arrive at the wrong address or never reach their owners. For example, you are a manufacturer of women's clothing. Agree, sending 100 products at once to different countries sounds worse than celebrating the new year alone. After all, it is necessary to deliver packages, rewrite and issue all declarations, not to mix up any of the addresses. And if your sales volume is more? It's disappointing, but you just can't handle it. There are also other shortcomings in our postal system:

  • it is impossible to track all parcels; - the terms of receipt often exceed the promised terms;
  • returning shipments from customers is also painful, because returning them from Europe means getting into a little adventure with postal codes, a foreign language, etc.

We have developed a logistics system that enables our customers to not only avoid these problems, but is improved and economically beneficial. About her - below.

Parcel delivery system to Europe from Difreight

If you are a Ukrainian entrepreneur and work with the European market, we suggest you stop spending a lot of time on personal shipping to each client and save a lot of money. Namely:

  • To be able to send goods on specified days 2 times a week. This is convenient, as both you and your customers from Europe will know the exact dates, days of receiving and sending the goods.
  • Scale your sales. We send from 100 parcels per week. This is a good opportunity to increase the European customer base and loyalty to the brand, because everything will be delivered on time and with high quality.
  • 100% guarantee of receipt. You can order courier delivery from us, which is delivered within 7 days.

How do we work?

Each client and his cargo becomes fully protected when cooperating with us, because:

  1. We provide a guarantee and conclude a contract in which all areas of responsibility and obligations to you are prescribed.
  2. Transportation is monitored 24/7. You will have your own personal account through which you can see where the cargo is and when it should arrive.
  3. Minimum delivery times with full security of parcels. We use all types of transport, we have European partners and specialists who build the fastest options for transportation.
  4. We fix the manager. We understand that time is money, so we will assign you a manager who will be with you at all stages and answer all questions.

If you are interested in our service and want to step up and expand to Europe in 2023, now is the time. Because we have promotions and New Year's tariffs, and we can choose unique conditions for any transportation.

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