Where to find customers and what are the stages of selling goods on Amazon?
Where to find customers and what are the stages of selling goods on Amazon?

Amazon accounts for over 50% of US e-commerce. If an American needs to buy something, he does not open Google, but immediately goes to Amazon, because he can find absolutely everything.

Since buyers automatically come to the site, the business is not fighting for them. However, sellers must compete for a position in the search results on the site. Their product could be shown on the first page, or on the hundredth. It depends on whether you are marketing your Amazon account, whether your products are worth advertising and how quickly you respond to reviews. Of course, the quality of the product is very important, but if you do nothing to market it, then the probability that they will buy from you is zero.

▪️Stages of selling goods on Amazon

In practice, it looks like this: a customer orders a product, Amazon processes the request, and transfers money to the seller. Then, a service employee goes to the warehouse and sends the order. If the customer doesn't like something, Amazon also handles the return. The company also does not provide the seller with customer data, everything is automated. For each sale, Amazon charges the seller a percentage of the sale plus their cost of processing the order. However, this saves you a lot of work.

Friends, we wish you to find your buyers on the Amazon site and be competitive in this business!

Why can Amazon get an account banned?

Before you start selling on Amazon, you must first fully understand the rules that you will adhere to in the future. You also need to regularly check for updates to the general rules, changes in categories and keep abreast of the latest developments to avoid blocking problems. Remember, ignorance of the rules is no excuse.

So, the main reasons why Amazon can ban your account:
- sale of prohibited products;
- sale of counterfeit goods;
- a large number of negative reviews.

Amazon regularly blocks accounts of sellers who do not adhere to their rules. For them, it doesn't matter what your turnover is, how much sales you make and bring them profit. Sellers who sell one unit per week for $10 and those who sell 1000 units per month are equally blocked.

Friends, be careful before registering your account, read all the rules and follow them! We wish you profitable sales and long-term cooperation with Amazon!

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