Difreight Blog Dangerous consoles from China. How to transport batteries?

Dangerous consoles from China. How to transport batteries?

Dangerous consoles from China. How to transport batteries?

We are changing the transportation policy! Now we also work with dangerous cargo. Dangerous cargo is a separate category of goods, which is included and prescribed in the Law of Ukraine No. 1644 on the transportation of dangerous goods. The category includes materials, products, substances that, due to their properties and external factors, can explode, damage buildings, start a fire, and cause any damage, damage to people and the environment. These goods include batteries.

Currently, there is the greatest demand in Ukraine for power banks, electric scooters and battery-powered equipment. Therefore, we have analyzed all requests and are starting to collect dangerous goods in separate containers. But there are some points that should be taken into account before purchasing dangerous goods:

  • The cost of delivering dangerous goods is much higher. For example, you want to transport lamps and together with another 300 kg of batteries in the batch. In this case, we either consider all the lamps as dangerous and send them to Ukraine in one batch, or we separate the lamps and the batteries separately, transport them in separate containers and count the lamps as general cargo, and the batteries as dangerous.
  • You provide instructions. In order for us to separate everything correctly, you need to provide us with instructions on how to separate these loads in the warehouse. Note that not everything can be combined with dangerous goods, so first we will check it for compatibility with other goods.
  • The calculation is as follows. We take into account weight, volume, cargo description with reference, TM, manufacturers, invoice value, availability of MSDS and CAS number.

What is MSDS - explained below.

What is an MSDS certificate?

MSDS is an accompanying document that contains information about the level of danger of a substance and possible effects on the human body and the environment during use, storage, production, transportation and disposal. The safety data sheet of chemical products also includes information on assistance measures in case of a dangerous situation.

An MSDS is drawn up for these product categories:

  • Substance
  • a mixture
  • material
  • waste of industrial production
  • other chemical products

The company for which it is issued is responsible for its design and the information contained inside. Also, when preparing the MSDS, the CAS is additionally provided - the identifier of chemical compounds. This is a unique number that is assigned to an element, a mixture, in some cases to a whole separate class and is necessary to specify a component.

How to get an MSDS passport?

Not everything is so scary here. Usually, it is issued by the manufacturing company from which you purchase the product. The main thing before buying is to make sure that this document will be issued to you and that it is official, and not artificially made and illegal. Otherwise, you will remain with the goods somewhere on the coast of China, because they simply will not take them on board the ship.

But, if you are a manufacturer and plan to sell your dangerous product all over the world, then you will have to drag out the development of a passport. After all, each point of the certificate is very strictly regulated by law. The passport itself is drawn up on the basis of the following information:

  1. It is indicated where the production is located.
  2. What are the composition and properties of the product or substance.
  3. The possible danger of the product is described.
  4. The rules of use and safety measures when using the product are prescribed.

What will happen if dangerous goods are transported without a certificate

Everything is simple and sad - there will be fines and very large ones. For example, for the transportation of undeclared batteries, which are dangerous goods, the fine can reach 100 thousand dollars. The amount of the fine depends on the volume of undeclared cargo and on the stage at which the violation was detected.

What kind of transport and what kind of goods does it have the right to transport?

This type of cargo can be transported by sea and air. More than 3,000 dangerous goods can be transported by ship, slightly less by plane. But every day the number of units increases according to the speed of product updates in the manufacturer's country.

Also, it is important to know that product packaging is not a matter for carriers. This is the responsibility of the manufacturer. We provide a full list of transportation services and transport dangerous goods from China to Ukraine according to all rules. And if you need to repack the goods in the warehouse, we will do it. We are ready to advise you and help you receive or send your goods to any part of the world.

Have you wanted to deliver such cargo from China to Ukraine for a long time? The time has come. Write or call our managers.

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